• Note that the chart with specific batch years on it (above) will accurately reflect the measurements of garments from that batch. The chart below is a general chart and measurements are approximations (+/- 0.5"). Color Archive
    • Weight ranges are approximations. Don't hesitate to contact us to request measurements of a particular garment color/variant if it is helpful for you.
    • FIT ALBUM- photo collection of different garment sizes worn by children w/ given stats. This is a work in progress.
    • When in doubt use the measurements to gauge fit. We find it useful to compare the measurements to your current favorite garments. * Keep in mind that the garments will lose a bit of sizing after 1-2 washes (mostly in vertical length). Machine-washable garments will not lose as much sizing if air dried but will reduce in size a little if you tumble them dry on medium/low.
    • Note that the suggested sizing/weights are generally based on babies that are wearing a fluffy cloth diaper. If you wish to purchase these for a child that wears a trimmer undergarment (sposies, trainers, undies, etc.) then you might be able to purchase a size down to get a snugger fit...this works especially well with shorts when inseam is less of a concern.
    • IMPORTANT: If you have an older/used pair of Yooki it will probably be smaller than your new unwashed garment (in an identical garment size from the same batch). This is NOT due to an actual sizing difference. It is normal for the knits to plump up and lose a bit of sizing after repeated washings and/or tumbling dry the machine-washable garments. In general, the garments plump up more significantly in length versus width.


    IMPORTANT: Sometimes there are slight variations in the feel and/or sizing of knit wool garments when comparisons are made between colors from the same batch of knits. This is due to the fact that each dye has a unique effect on the wool fibers and ultimately the yarn properties (texture, stretchiness, etc.). The result can be a tiny bit of difference in the sizing and hand feel of each color lot. It is not significant but worth mentioning.