Soft organic merino wool short-sleeve shirts.

These lightweight shirts that can be worn as everyday shirts or as baselayers.

Sizing is based on a snug undergarment fit. Size up 1-2 sizes if you prefer a more relaxed fit and/or intend to wear as stand-alone everyday garment.

Organic wool farmed from stress and pesticide free merino sheep. GOTS and Naturtextil iVN certified.

Made in Germany.



70% Organic Wool | 30% Silk  (W|S BLEND)



These articles are machine washable at 30ºC (86ºF). Best practice is to use a natural fiber safe detergent/wool wash such as Unicorn Fibre Wash or Unicorn Beyond Clean. For added silkiness and softness add Fibre Rinse to fabric softener compartment of your machine.

Lay flat to air dry.

Wool is naturally odor resistant and antibacterial so washing is not necessary after every wear.

Lanolize for added odor control and silkiness.



Baby and Youth Engel sizing is generally based on the child's height in CM (Euro sizing).

The ages are approximations; using the child's height in CM is more accurate. Please contact us if you need help.

For Youth sizing where there is one number, this is meant to be considered the shortest height at which that sizing starts. For example, size 92 would fit a child that is 92 CM tall and up (~92-104 CM).

These shirts are sized to have a baselayer fit. If you prefer a more relaxed fit choose a size up.


50/56 (0-3m)

62/68 (3-6m)

74/80 (6-12m)

86/92 (12-24m)

98/104 (2-3T)

110/116 (3-4T)

92 (2-3Y)

104 (3-4Y)

116 (5-6Y)

128 (7-8Y)

140 (9-11Y)

152 (12Y)

164 (14Y)

176 (16Y)



Be mindful that some people experience a break-in period with new wool garments.

You might experience some itch with the first few wears, however unlikely with this super soft wool/silk blend. The wool will become softer and silkier with a couple rounds of washes/wears. We like to describe the first few wears as the break-in period. Like a new pair of leather shoes or a crisp pair of jeans...they need to be broken in a little before you reach an optimal level of comfort. After a couple rounds of wearing/washing, your garment should feel soft and buttery. If you find that you are extra sensitive, you can lanolize or treat with wool softener (Unicorn Beyond Soft/Fibre Rinse) to help reduce any itch during the break-in period. It may also help to turn the garment inside-out and machine wash with a load of laundry a couple of times to get the break-in process started without wearing the garment.

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