PLEASE read details before adding any of the gifts to your cart.

We're excited to be able to offer some extra knit items as a 'thank you' for thinking of us and supporting our business, however, we are sad to announce that our knit gift items intended for our big Black Friday Sale event won't make in time for the sale. If you're interested in the why of it, see the story at the bottom.

We estimate that the gifts will arrive mid to late December but can't guarantee anything at this time. Visit our website for updates as time progresses. We will update you on the homepage.

Despite the delay, we still want to offer these awesome items as planned, we just ask for your patience while we wait for their arrival. We are expecting an assortment of fabulous new beanie hats, scarves, blankets, and ponchos.

Since we will not be able to ship your gift/s with your Black Friday Sale order we do need to charge a small fee to help us out with shipping costs. The gifts are generously knit with our high-quality machine-washable merino wool and we feel that they are well worth the wait and the small shipping fee but given the circumstance, participation is strictly optional.

Our gifts will come in a variety of colors and one will be chosen randomly for you unless you leave some general color preference in your cart notes when you checkout. We try to honor requests as best as we can as long as quantities allow for it. All items are knit with machine-washable wool and the colors will include yarn colors that we used for this year's woolies plus a light-grey melange color too. Some of the colors are melanges and some are solids that you might see in our 2019 melanges.

Now for the fun part.




For example:

$100-$199 spent pre-shipping = 1 PT (redeemable for a beanie hat)

$400-$499 spent pre-shipping = 4 PTS (redeemable for 1 blanket or 4 hats or 2 scarves or 2 hats and one scarf). Note that the shipping charge is still going to correspond on a per-item basis even if you choose to add 4 hats to redeem 4 pts (in other words...still $5/hat).

Add the gift/s you qualify for to your cart before you checkout.

*** You can COMBINE points from multiple orders placed during the sale (you can start earning points 11/24-12/2. Please see below about combining the shipping of multiple orders.

We will no longer be issuing shipping refunds. This is due to a policy change beyond our control. Instead, you NEED to use our free shipping code to avoid the flat rate shipping charge on your 2nd, 3rd, etc. orders.

Enter code: COMBINE in the discount code area during checkout for 2nd, 3rd, etc. orders to avoid multiple shipping fees. The COMBINE code will discount the shipping to $0  so you still need to checkout without the code on one order to pay the one flat rate shipping fee. If you are in need of added insurance I can send an invoice for that afterward. It's basically $1/$100 of insurance. It's messy adding all the extra shipping options at the checkout. If you are shipping internationally please contact us before checking out with multiple orders so that we can sort it out and avoid overcharging you.

Let us know in the cart notes or by email if you will be ordering again if you want to combine shipping. Otherwise, your first order might ship before we see a subsequent order from you.

The "I DON'T WANT TO WAIT" option is available if you prefer to receive a gift that we can include now and ship with your BF purchase. This doesn't have a point value but we will determine how many points you earned and send something that we think will be equivalent. Expect to receive either an in-stock blanket or wool care products for this option.

EXTRA EXTRA REMINDER: your gift will NOT ship with your order unless you select the "I don't want to wait" option. Gifts will ship as soon as they arrive at our shop (unless you select the option to receive something now). Again, we will keep an update on the progress of the shipment on the homepage of our website.

International customers will not be charged any additional fees for gift shipping; the fee is the same for everyone.



Youth- 16.5" opening.  Sizing should fit small children (~2-3y) to adult depending on the fit you desire. It's ribbed knit and incredibly stretchy so the sizing is really versatile.

Adult- 18.5" opening and 9.75" in height. The opening stretches to more than 30" so it large heads shouldn't be a problem. I can actually put the adult hat on my 6y old without a problem too...it's just a slouchier beanie compared to the youth. 


Infinity loop style scarf that is 31-32" long when laying flat (total circumference is 62-64"). Height is approx. 12".



The WHY of it all:

Unfortunately, our new blankets were shipped with no attached tags. The blankets were a very small portion of our shipment but the shipment gets treated as a single entity by US Customs. Usually, the blankets are tagged with a small satin identifier tag that we remove and replace with a much nicer tag that we have made locally. This shipment didn't have the temporary blanket tag and it just happens to be the one item that US Customs pulled from the shipment to inspect. It was incredibly unlucky but no one's fault but our own for not emphasizing the importance of it with our knitter.

The result is that the entire shipment of goods was rejected earlier in the month and it's sitting in a warehouse here in California waiting to be sent back to our knitter. After it makes its return journey, the knitter will sew on the temporary blanket tags and return the shipment to us. It's a real bummer but we're working it out.